Fin Wallet is live on Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge

Store & Manage crypto assets at your fingertips

Fin Wallet facilitates all the features for users to store their crypto assets, track their portfolio performance, and conduct transactions with ease and efficiency.

It streamlines the management of users' crypto assets with its user-friendly interface and advanced features, allowing for secure storage and seamless portfolio tracking. Additionally, Fin Wallet enables users to transfer their crypto assets quickly and easily with low transaction fees and instant processing time.

Moreover, users can easily manage all their tokens' balances on Sei Network via the "Custom Token" feature. This feature enables users to access every asset on the platform and customize their token holdings according to their preferences. To bring users the best experience as the fastest Sei wallet, Fin Wallet also plans to support users by displaying all canonical tokens' balances as soon as users send them into Fin Wallet.

A friendly NFT home on Sei

Fin Wallet has developed an NFT section that serves as a dedicated hub for users to manage their NFT collections.

It offers a comprehensive zone for NFT management, providing users with an intuitive display function for showcasing their digital art and collectibles on Sei Network. With this feature, users can fully appreciate the unique characteristics of each NFT in a visually appealing way. Whether users are new to the world of NFTs or experienced collectors, Fin Wallet provides a user-friendly solution for participating in the rapidly growing NFT market with confidence.

Effortlessly browse the entire Sei ecosystem

Users can seamlessly access a diverse range of dApps across various sectors, such as trading, NFTs, gaming, and more, enabling them to experience the full potential of Sei Network. Thanks to the seamless connection, users to take advantage of the many potential opportunities and participate in a variety of decentralized activities speedily.

By ensuring that Fin Wallet is available everywhere on the entire Sei Network, the team is constantly working to integrate into various dApps from Testnet to Mainnet (soon), bringing Seilors' favorite dApps within reach.

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