How to link Sei native with Sei EVM wallet address

For Sei V2 users, linking your Sei address is essential to synchronize your balance across both your EVM (0x) and Sei addresses.

Follow these simple steps to ensure your addresses are linked:

Step 1: Access Fin Extnension Wallet

Step 2: If your active address is not linked yet, you will see a message to link the address

Step 3: Click on the message, then use Fin to connect to Sei App and complete the linking wallet process on this platform

How to send token across Sei native and Sei EVM

Step 1: Kindly refer to the tutorial guide below which can provide clear instructions on how to transfer tokens from Fin to another wallet.

How to send or receive tokens

Step 2: At the step of inputting the recipient address, you can input Sei EVM or Sei native address. This allows you to transfer assets between your Sei native and Sei EVM wallets, facilitating easy management of your cross-network assets.

  • In version 2.0.6, Fin Wallet can detect if the recipient's address is linked to Sei V2. If the recipient address is already linked, users can perform cross-chain transfer among Sei EVM and Sei native.

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