How to add a new wallet

The Fin Wallet assists customers in initiating, restoring, and changing their existing wallets. In addition, users can monitor the transactions of each of their wallets.

How to create a new wallet?

Step 1: Open the Fin Wallet extension;

Step 2: Click the Wallet name section at the top left corner then click the Add Wallet Icon in the top right corner;

Step 3: Click Create a new wallet to initiate a new wallet;

Step 4: Make sure to read all the important notes and disclaimers here, then tick the consent box and click I am ready button;

Step 5: Back up the Seed Phrase. You must store the Seed Phrase in a safe place and never share it with anyone!

When backing up your Seed Phrase, it is crucial to ensure that it is stored securely. Here are some suggested details you could include:

  • Write it down: Use pen and paper to carefully write each word of the Seed Phrase in order. Ensure clarity and accuracy, avoiding any spelling errors;

  • Choose a secure location: Store the written Seed Phrase in a safe place, such as a safe deposit box, locked drawer, or fireproof safe at home. Avoid digital storage unless using highly secure encryption;

  • Create multiple copies: Consider making several copies of the Seed Phrase and storing them in different secure locations. This provides redundancy in case of loss or damage;

  • Avoid digital storage: Stick to physical, offline storage methods for maximum security;

5.1 Click Copy Seed phrase to back it up;

5.2 Click Continue to go to the Seed phrase verification step (Step 6)

Step 6: Verify Seed Phrase by selecting the words in the correct order, and click Verify to the system verify seed phrase.

Step 7: Input a wallet name, select Avatar and click Start Using to complete the process.

You will be redirected to the wallet detail page once the creation/restoration process is completed.

How to switch wallets

Fin Wallet supports multiple wallets, therefore users can switch from one wallet to another just in a few simple steps as below:

Step 1: On the home screen of Fin Wallet, click on the wallet name section at the top left corner;

Step 2: Select a wallet that you want to switch to;

Note: Users can activate only one wallet at a time, other ones will be inactivated automatically. In order to display assets, users need to activate the wallet containing funds in the manage wallet section.

How to restore a wallet

Wallet recovery is a function that allows you to import your existing wallet into Fin Extension Wallet.

Step 1: Access to Fin Extension Wallet

Step 2: Click the Wallet section at the top right corner, then Add or Add Wallet button

Step 3: Choose Restore a wallet

Step 4: Input Seed phrase/Private key to restore the wallet, then click Restore

Step 5: Input a wallet name, select an avatar, and click Start Using to complete the process

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