Asset management

Fin Wallet offers a standardized method of managing tokens, making it compatible with other wallets. This feature includes the ability to view information about sending and receiving tokens between wallets.

Receiving Asset

The receiving address can be displayed or copied to the clipboard easily by following these steps:

Step 1: Navigate to the main screen and select the token you wish to proceed;

Step 2: Click the Receive button;

Step 3: Click on the Copy icon or Scan the QR code to get the wallet address

Sending assets

Step 1: Access any wallet in Fin Wallet

Step 2: Input the amount and enter the recipient address;

In the Recipient Address field, the user can choose other methods to input Receipt’s Wallet Address.

  • Click the Scan icon to scan Wallet Address through QR codes.

  • Click the Paste icon to paste the address that you have copied into the clipboard.

  • Click the Recipient Address field to browse your Contacts list.

If your account balance is insufficient or your address is incorrect, you will get an error message

Step 3: Click Send, then click Confirm to finish the transaction.

After the transaction has been finalized, the sender will be redirected to a summary page, and the recipient will get a message that they have received the assets.

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