Token management

This included the ability to import tokens into the Fin Wallet via a few single clicks.

Importing Token

You can import tokens into your Fin Wallet with only a few clicks as below:

Step 1: On the main screen, select Import your Token tab and click on Add icon on the top left;

Step 2: Input the required fields for the token such as Contract Address, Symbol, Name, Decimals and Token's photo (optional)

Tips: If the user enters a valid contract address, the system will automatically get the symbol, name, and decimal. Furthermore, the user has the option to make changes as needed.

Step 3: To finish adding tokens, select Create. Please note that:

  • Symbol must be less than or equal to 8 characters.

  • Name must be less than or equal to 25 characters.

  • Decimals: 0 -18.

In the case of updating the token's detail, users only need to select the token, modify the details and click Save to apply changes.

Visible only for favorite tokens

Enhancing the user experience is one of Fin Wallet's primary goals by allowing the user to filter out everything except the relevant tokens. If not, it may be excluded from the main list.

Step 1: Access the Manage Tokens screen, then select the Hidden Tokens tab;

Step 2: Toggle on the eye icon on the token to hide/display it.

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